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How to help

How to help

There are many ways to help MIA in the United states and abroad.

Here are some ways you can continue to help.

1. Organize a fundraiser, we can help you with this.  House parties can be great fundraisers and a lot of fun.  If you are running a marathon or participating in some kind of sporting event you may be able to get friends and family to donate to MIA to support you.  If you are interested in pursuing these ideas or have others, contact info@medicineinaction.org  for help.  We will help you in every way we can.

2. Forward all our emails to you friends and family.

3. Volunteer on one of our missions to Tanzania or Jamaica

4. Volunteer for MIA in Oakland, CA – contact at info@medicineinaction.org

5. Please contact us if you know of any possible corporate sponsors or if your company has a matching donation program.

Medicine In Action is always looking for both professional and para-professional volunteers in the medical field to help with our medical missions. If you would like to donate your time please contact info@medicineinaction.org. Volunteers are required to purchase their own plane ticket and other transportation. There is a small fee for accommodation which is basic hostel-like housing. Meals are provided at the hostel as well. The suggested contribution for first time volunteers is $600 for physicians and $400 for non-physicians. Medical students and residents are exempt.

If you would like to donate air miles or medical supplies, please contact us at info@medicineinaction.org.

All donations are tax-deductible. Medicine in Action is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

How much of your donation will reach the patients: All MIA volunteers are required to purchase their own plane ticket, pay for meals and housing. This ensures that the majority of your donation is used for costs directly associated with patient care and very little is used for administrative purposes.

Here is how you donation will help: A donation of $5 will buy one patient’s anti-hypertensive medication for one month.

A donation of $7 will screen one woman for cervical cancer with a pap smear.

A donation of $300 will pay for one patient’s surgery and medical care.