Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

There are many ways to support MIA as a corporate sponsor!

We believe in creating fully integrated relationships that can grow and evolve over time to meet the changing needs of your company.

Donate online now through our secure website! $5000

You will be the sole sponsor of a mission of your choice! In addition, your business will be acknowledged in our newsletters and mission summaries on our webpage. $3000 Sponsor the Sugar Scholars! This program provides opportunities for medical students to participate in MIA missions globally and contributes greatly to their education. $1500 Basic corporate sponsor.

Sponsorship at any of the above levels will be acknowledged with a personalized poster of our work to place at your place of business. Your clients will be able to see how your company contributes to the health and education of women world wide. We would love to acknowledge you on our website with a paragraph about your business and a link to your website. Also, you have the option to place on your website that you are a sponsor of MIA! Donations can be made securely on-line or by check made out to Medicine in Action. Please contact us to choose the right program that works for your business.

Any amount is greatly appreciated. Other ways to contribute include:

  • Launching a workplace campaign of support by your employees.
  • Include MIA in your matching gifts programs.
  • Providing Gifts-in-Kind gifts such as airline miles, donate medical supplies or medical equipment.





Look At What MIA Has Done So Far Since 2006!

  • Completed 23 missions
  • Recruited over 150 volunteers
  • Treated 5000 patients
  • Performed over 200 surgeries with no cost to patients
  • Screened thousands of women for cervix cancer

“Medicine in Action is an organization which gives voluntary health care to people all over the world. Although their main focus is to treat the poor, they have managed to achieve excellence in the delivery of Health Care Services by meeting the physical, mental and social needs of their patients, in an environment of understanding and sensitivity. This is obvious in the hundreds of patients who have benefited when treated at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Sonia Chung
Nurse Supervisor
St Joseph’s Hospital

Countries In Serious Need Of Medical Care

MIA works in both Tanzania and Jamaica, underdeveloped countries struggling to provide health care. In both countries MIA has partnered with local on-the-ground teams. Infant and maternal mortality rates are very high compared to the United States and moderate and extreme poverty exists. In the table below the alarming contrast that exists between the United States and the countries MIA serves is clearly seen.

Missions to Jamaica

In Jamaica, Franciscan Ministries organizes the inner city outreach clinics; St. Joseph’s hospital hosts MIA’s surgeries. The majority of cervical cancer screening are conducted at the Port Maria Hospital and the outlying rural clinics.

Missions to Tanzania

In Tanzania, MIA established a long- term partnership with International Health Partners (IHP). IHP is a grassroots NGO that is building a hospital in Nyakato, Mwanza on the shores of Lake Victoria. MIA partners with IHP to advise on women’s health issues as they construct their hospital, and to improve women’s health in their community as well. On each of MIA’s medical missions to Tanzania, volunteers take the time to head out to either a local church or mosque to have question and answer sessions with the local women regarding women’s health issues. The education through these sessions is critical because the women’s literacy level is very limited.

Please contact Lori Luttrell at 323.919.9586 or