Why Donate to Medicine in Action?

Why Donate to Medicine in Action?

Why Donate to Medicine in Action?

Our Vision

All people from all countries should have access to quality healthcare. We also believe that young physicians and medical students can be taught cultural sensitivity and become globally minded.

Our Beliefs

Health care is a human right. Through education and an emphasis on good health we strive towards the empowerment of women worldwide.

Our Mission

MIA is dedicated to providing quality medical and surgical care to people in resource poor/resource limited countries with a focus on women’s healthcare issues, education, and building/enhancing local capacity for sustainability.

Why MIA?

Most of our donations will reach the patients: All MIA volunteers are required to purchase their own plane tickets, and pay for their own meals and housing while they are on a mission trip. This ensures that the majority of your donation is used for costs directly associated with patient care and very little is used for administrative purposes.

If you donate to our patients care fund you can:

  • Screen one woman for endometrial cancer for $25.00
  • Buy asthma inhalers for 2 kids for 1 year for $50.00
  • Pay for a life saving blood transfusion for $100.00
  • Pay for a patient’s surgery and hospital stay for $200.00

Donate Now button or contacts us at info@medicineinaction.org