Jamaica’s Campaign to Promote Global Road Safety

Jamaica’s Campaign to Promote Global Road Safety

By Ambereen Sleemi

Published May 4, 2015

Recognizing the global impact of traffic accidents and trauma, the United Nations deemed the week of May 4 as Global Road Safety Week. In its third year, the focus is on pedestrian accidents. Globally, three times as many people are killed on roads in developing countries than developed countries. Jamaica’s government is certainly on board, having launched an aggressive traffic sign campaign over a decade ago.

Around Kingston, Jamaica, among the cacophony of horns, music and people, a street sign revolution has been evolving quietly over the last 15 years. Jamaica is seen as a tourist paradise: ice-cold Red Stripe, beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, jerk meat products, and more. In the urban area of Kingston and along the winding, uneven roads up through the mountains, it has also been a treacherous land mine of traffic fatalities affecting all forms of transport, pedestrians, and the occasional stray goat. Yet, dotting the sides of these roads are brightly colored billboards announcing safety messages with some humor and practicality. “Speed kills, kill your speed” or “Protect your head, don’t end up dead” and many more that convey the same message of traffic safety to the thousands that use the roads daily.

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