March Mission 2015

March Mission 2015

The mission was small but tallawah; one of the smallest groups of volunteers we had to date. Dr. O’Sullivan, Frank and Lorraine led this small but productive mission and new volunteers Dr Terry Irwin (a urogynecologist) and her husband Dr. Rick Laue (a family practitioner) with their three wonderful children; Keith, Tyler and Jeremy helped to make this mission a very successful one. Medicine In Action was privileged to have 3 of the youngest volunteers that showed as much dedication as any veteran of Medicine In Action, Mrs. Chong calls them MIA’s three youngest and most awesome volunteers.

Despite being without an anesthesiologist this mission persevered as we performed our surgeries at Kingston Public Hospital (KPH); the doctors were able to get through 5 surgeries over the weekend which is no small feat. Everyone then went to Maggotty, St. Elizabeth for clinics where they were able to see 87 patients and performed 17 Pap Smears.

After a long week of volunteering, Mrs. Chong a.k.a. Mom, a.k.a Aunty Elaine all took everybody to Fort Clarence for some fun in the sun and escovitch fish, a must have for any visitor and especially for MIA volunteers.

Cheers to another successful mission #21 .  See you in November.

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