MIA First High School Outreach Program

Medicine In Action’s first high school outreach program was born today; at the Alpha Academy for Girls as Dr. Karolynn Echols and Dr. Lise Rehwaldt spent sometime with the grade 13 girls discussing career goals in health care.

This will be the beginning of a wonderful relationship as MIA will continue to develop this program and speak twice a year on health, nutrition, volunteering and careers. The sky is the limit!

A number of the science majors are interested in observing what MIA does in surgery and clinics; for a hands on experience they will be coming to St. Joseph’s hospital when we do our next visit. This is an exciting adventure them, the girls have a bright future ahead of them.

Geanna and Randine two bright art students in grade 12; they are also our youngest volunteers and gave us a fabulous tour and valuable insight into life as a teenage girl in Jamaica. We see a very bright future for these two and MIA has become one of their mentors as they continue to develop.

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