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Future Missions

Upcoming Mission Dates for 2018-19

Winter Mission 2018:

November 8 – November 21 2018
(Doctors should arrive Wednesday 7  leave Thursday November 22).

*Deadline for paper work will be January 7, 2018 for the mission in March and July 1, 2018  for the Winter Mission.

Upcoming mission dates:
  • March mission 2019: March 1 – March 8
  • November mission 2019: November 7 – Nov 19, 2019

New volunteers:

Please send a letter of intent, an updated CV and have two letters of reference sent directly from at least one supervisor and one colleague to be considered to April 15 2018  for letter of intent and August 1, 2018 for completed mission paperwork.

**Sugar Scholar is for the November mission deadline for the application is April 15th of every year.**

Returning volunteers:

Please send a brief letter of intent with an updated CV.

All pre requirements listed above must be sent by the deadlines as this will give you ample time to fulfill all the requirements including completion of the MOH paperwork by their listed deadlines for each mission.

Thank you so much. One love, One Heart, Medicine In Action Incorporated.

We welcome volunteers for our future missions, both medical professionals and para-professionals. We ask new medical volunteers for a monetary donation for patient expenses ($600 for physicians, $400 for non-physicians and $100 for medical students, residents and returning volunteers). Each medical mission is approximately 10 working days. There will be both surgery and clinic opportunities as well as community based education. You may prefer to plan a trip for two weeks so that you leave time to see more of the country at the end of the mission; as Jamaica has a lot to offer.

For example, in Jamaica- there are scuba diving opportunities, beaches, and waterfalls to explore as well as an option to hike to Blue Mountain peak.