We would like to acknowledge all of MIA’s volunteers. None of what we do is possible without them. We are grateful for their skills, their generosity and their sacrifice.We are honored to be able to work with and spend time with our volunteers who are so generous with their time. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to each and every one of our volunteers!

We are deeply grateful to all of our supporters our important work could not be done without you, we offer our heartfelt gratitude.

We are grateful also for the contributions of our corporate sponsors

Cha Cha’s Doggie Daycare

Debbie Davis and Lyon Realty

Gwinnett Pediatrics


PRN Relief International

Scientific and Medical Supplies

Search Toppers

Seyforth Shaw Attorneys

St. James Church

Think! Toner and Ink

New Palestine Family Dentistry

Gifts given in honor of and memory of loved ones can be found on the

Honor and Memory Page.

Patient Care, Unrestricted and Administration Funds

Doctor Bird Giving Circle – $2,500

National Bird of Jamaica

American Friends of Jamaica

Debbie Chong

Debbie Davis and Dennis Greenbaum
Deborah Wollard Swift, MD

Frank Major, MD

Karen Hyer and Charles T. Hyer

M. Kelley Bullard, MD

Mary Jo O’Sullivan, MD

Medtronic Foundation

Nina Boe, MD

Reynold and Mary Rehwaldt

Simone Elvey MD

Giraffe Circle – $1,000

National Animal of Tanzania

Ambereen Sleemi, MD and Sean O’Neal

American Medical Systems

Ann Leber

Barry Weeks

Camille Hoffman and Derec Shuler

Chimene Liburd, MD

Elaine Waetjen, MD

Felicia Cohen, MD and David Smith, MD

Francis Major, MD

George and Janice Moscoso

Gwinnett Pediatrics

Irene Gillogly

Jeffrey Williams

Jean R. Goodman, MD

Joel Franklin Smith Sr & Francis M Smith

Kathryn Rehwaldt

Jo O’Sullivan, MD

Manuel Penalver, MD

Ragnhild Lorentzen and Aaron Long

Seja and Vipul Patel

Sharon Steele, MD

Sunanda Gangaly

Tracy Powell

University Physicians, INC

Valrie Thomas

Hibiscus Circle – $500

Native Flower of Jamaica

Adolfo Rodriguez Gallo

Anderson Crosby

Andrea Green

Andrea Usher

Andrew Russo

Anne Galante, MD

Anwar Khoury, MD

Bill Gilbert, MD

Carol A Glowacki

Cindy Su

Clyde Jacob, MD

David Bae & Christine Kim

Debbie Chong, MD

Deepak Gurushanthaiah, MD

Denise Croix

Dorothea Dobson-Simms, MD

Edward Phillips, MD

Elizabeth Titone and Russell Alderson

Fein Foundation

Frank and Margaret Rexroth

Hoa Nguyen, MD

Heidi Abdelhady, MD

Herman and Mary Waetjen
James Aikins

Jennifer and David Hyer,

Jennifer Pollak, MD

Jewish Community Foundation

JF and JR Carlisle

Jonathan Reese

Joyce Dobbertin, MD

Joyce Miller, MD

Kelly Godfrey

Kevin J. Healy

Lise Rehwaldt, MD and Mark Roberts

Madelaine and Wilfred Lai

Maria I. Lopez, MD

Megan Koh

Michael Edlund

Monica Simmons, MD

Munther Alaiwat

Natalie Woodruff

Nicole Hlava

Ohmar Ahmed, MD

Philip Fabacher MD

PRN Relief International

Rabiya Suleman

Rick Paskowitz, MD

Ritu Metzger, MD

Robin J. Miller, MD

Shagufta Yasmeen

Sharon Knight

Shireen Heidari

Stephen Vanasco,

Steve and Sally Beck

Steve Pliskow

Stuart Beharry

Swati Shah, MD

Timothy & Shauna Meilner

Todd Hesse

Tri Do

Trung Nguyen

Wayne McCreath, MD

Xiao-Mei Zeng, MD

Donors to Patient Care, Unrestricted and Administrative Funds 2012

Ambre A. Amers

Andrea Sneed

Angela Baumeister

Beverly M. Liberman

Debbie Abrams

Desiree Rembert

Helena DeCarvalho, MD

Jane Perlmutter

John F. Oliva, MD

John Pickens, MD

John Wilters, MD

Juanita Smith

Judith Pardo

Loren and Rita Woolson

Nancy G. Pastroff

Pamela Bigelow

Shari Ness

Donors to Patient Care, Unrestricted and Administrative Funds 2011

Alexandra Newman

Alicia Sinclair, MD

Andrew L. Simons

Annette Pelaez


Beatrice Hecker, MD

Bethania Maria

Bill Gilbert, MD

Bonnie Brennen

Burton Danoff, MD

Carol A. Murphy

Cherie Laurence Stagg

Cheryl and Darrell Winn

Clara Paik

Dawnette Lewis

Debbie Bonilla

Debra Kenward, MD

Donald Mead and Laura Grady

Ed Fidalgo, MD

Ellen B. Gold

Erika Stahlman

Hector and Digna Fernandez

Jane Perlmutter

Janet K. Gersten, MD

Jayadeva & Amber Beck

Jesse Dominguez, MD

James W. Bridges, MD

John and Ghada Labban

John and Meredith Hart

Jorge Pimienta, MD

June Hament

Karen Simmons, MD

Karrie Bataskov, MD

Kenneth Kellner, MD

Konstantin and Maya Nikitin

Letty Villa, MD

Lucien-Max Tchuisse, MD

Luis Mendez, MD

Marc and Amy Schlosser

Mark and Marcia Rabinowitz

Martin and Elvera Cordes

Megan and William Lowry

Melanie Judd

Michael and Dana Augustino

Mitchell Grabois, MD

Moises and Rina Lichtinger

Nancy Pedersen

Pamela Bigelow

Robert A. Feldman, MD

Robert D. Mixson, MD

Robin J Miller

Roy and Joanne Laszewski

Royce and Sandra Truex

Rumaasha Masha

Sherri Hamersley, MD

Stephen Kempginen

Steven and Martha Chavoustie

Timothy and Ronnie Sharpe

Toni and Mel Harris

Tri Do

Wilfredo J. Alvarez, MD

William Kirkley

Patient Care, Unrestricted or Administrative Fund Donors 2010

Ann Concannon and Denis O’Connell


Arlene Knowles

Armando Hernandez-Rey, MD

Catherine Deugarte

Claude Meliarene

Davan Chung

David and Susan Markham

Debbie Davis and Dennis Greenbaum

Debbie Abrams

Desiree Rembert

Devnath and Priya Varadarajan

Eric Hoppe and Alexandra Lewis-Hoppe

Jayadeva and Amber Beck

Jennifer Pollak, MD

JL Hament

John and Rola Goldie

John Nanson, MD

Karolynn Echols, MD

Kevin and Kim Raftery

Krista Holt

Madelaine and Wilfred Lai

Michael and Elizabeth Noonen

National Semiconductor

Pat Barnes

Salih Yasin

Scott and Heather Giddons

Stephen Kempginen

Susan and Chris Saso

Vanessa Lee

William and Alison McCabe

Haiti Fund Donors 2010

Adam Fleisher

Angela Sykes


Elizabeth Titone

Helene Benedetti

Jenny Dai-Biller, MD

Kelly Koyama

Michelle Takase-Sanchez

Pat Barnes

Reynold and Mary Rehwaldt

Stuart Beharry

Sugar Scholars Fund

One Love Giving Circle – $5000

Elaine Chong

One Heart Giving Circle – $2,500

Glenn and Anne Chong

Howard and Elsie Lau

Amy & Aston Hosang

Let’s Get Together Giving Circle – $1,000

Bertie & Juliette Walker

Brian Fredericks

Calvin & Dorothy Chong

Carolyn and Stephanie Hosang

Debbie Chong

Felicia Cohen & David Smith

Iceline Lee

Nina Boe, MD

Sharon Lym

William Murrell

Feel Alright Giving Circle – $500

Allan & Esther Sheppard

Arthur Lowe

Dennis Chia

David and Joyce Chin

Jamie & Jane Wrench

University Physicians, INC

Wallace Nam

Yvonne & Peter Antoine

Other Sugar Scholars Donors

Amanda Peterson

Amy Gagnon

Angela Sykes

Ann Leber

Ashley Cowart

Bill Gilbert, MD

Brian Michael Davidson

Catherine Millar

Charles Anderson

Charles Gaskin

Cheryl Patzer

Chris Anderson and Susan Mayer

Christopher Snyder

Claudette Groenendaal

Coral Costway

Craig and Tanya Cantor

David and Chalon Moore

David and Jackie Dandurand

Dawnette Lewis

Debbie Davis

Deborah Siman, MD

Deepak Gurushanthaiah, MD

Dibe Martin, MD

Donald Larkin

Douglas Harris

Eileen Javora

Elaine Waetjen, MD

Elisa Gagnon

Elisabeth & Michael Biddle

Elvire Jacques and Marco Chacon

Fein Foundation

Francis Major, MD

Gary Leiserowitz

Heather Linkous

Helen Shupe Reynolds

Janet Hanson & Chris Hughes

Janice and Gary Wong

Jason Lue

Jay W. Schreiber

Jennifer and Wayne Pollak

Jerry Skomer

John D. Briggs, MD

John O Shaughnessy

Jorge Pimienta, MD

Junona Jonas


Karie Frasch

Karrie Batoskov, MD

Kelly Boeckman

Laura Sueoka

Laura Swezey

Leonard and Sara La France

Lisa Roberts & Andrew Nelson

Logan Helman-Winn

Lynetter Ubois

M. Kelley Bullard and Julie Beck

Madeline and Wilfred Lai

Manuel and Christina Penalver

Marion & Terrence Jones

Marion Colas-Lacombe MD

Mark Harris and Laura Przetak

Martha McEvoy and Adam Ratoosh

Martin and Elvera Cordes

Marion Colas-Lacombe MD

Mark Harris and Laura Przetak

Martha McEvoy and Adam Ratoosh

Mary Caro

Mary Jo O’Sullivan MD

Megan Koh

Melissa Lowe

Meredith Buenzli

Meredith Hart

Michael Feanny

Michael and Zoyla Parra

Mike and Ellen Sweeney

Nancy Baginski

Natalie Compagni Portis

Nettie Hughes

Nija and Joe Meyer

Noah Sheppard

Oliver Chong

Pamela Bigelow

Peter Ritter

Rasika Chauhan

Renee Young

Rick Graves

Salih and Jehad Yasin

Samir Beydoun, MD

Sara Koehler

Shagufta Yasmeen, MD

Sharon Steele

Shelly and Michael Valerie

Stephanie Kimball

Steven and Martha Chavoustie

Steven Silvers

Stuart and Astrid Beharry

Suzanne and Ron Chai

Tina Hernandez

Todd Britt

Vanessa & Rob Lee

Vanessa Rogers

Wayne McCreath

William Green

Yvette Quisling

Unrestricted or Administrative Fund Donors 2009

Andrea Green

Andrea Usher

Anne Galante


Art Simon

AXA Foundation

Chemene Liburd MD, MBA

Clyde Jacob III, MD

Davan Chung

David Chong

Desiree M Rembert

Felicia Cohen and David Smith

Heidi Zawelevsky

Isabella Nguyen-Becker

James Aikins

James Lindsey

Jeff Todoroff

Laura Zuckerman

Lise Rehwaldt, MD and Mark Roberts

M Kelley Bullard

Maria Camille Hoffman

Jennifer and David Hyer

Nicole Hlava

Pat Polhill

Paula Lofstrom

Rabiya Suleman

Ritu Metzger

Sean O’Neal and Ambreen Sleemi

Seyfarth Shaw Charitable Foundation

Shireen Heidari (volunteer)

The Fremont Group Foundation

Swati J. Shah

Tracy Powell

Vipul R. Patel

Last updated October 11, 2012

* Only those who have donated $100 or more have been listed.