Volunteer Spotlights

Volunteer Spotlights

Volunteer Spotlights

Dr. Mary Jo O’Sullivan

I know that our Dr. O, as she is affectionately called, will not like being the volunteer spotlight, but it has to be done.  Her dedication to MIA, tireless fundraising and unflagging support in all things both medical and financial make her MIA’s MVMD.

Dr. O’s climb up Blue Mountain in November raised well over $2,000 and it looks like she enjoyed the hike as well. She really pulled out the moleskin and made the climb look easy.

Not only a great climber and stellar fundraiser, Dr. O never fails to arrive for each mission ready to do whatever needs to be done. She is untiring in her efforts to serve.  Her patients love her “old school” style and really appreciate the caring and compassion she shows to each and every one of them.

The residents and medical students we bring always appreciate having a chance to learn from the best as well.

Thank you Dr.O,  we couldn’t do this without you!!

In Memorial – December 2011
Memorial to a Dear Friend
Stephen Chung 


It is with great sadness that we bid goodbye to our dear friend and supporter Stephen Chung of St. Mary’s Jamaica. Debbie’s “Uncle Steve” was beloved by many for his unlimited support and tireless work for his community.  Steve was an accomplished businessman and a family man who was known for treating everyone he met with dignity and respect.

He and his wife June were responsible for bringing Medicine in Action to the St. Mary’s area in order to provide medical care to those in need.  The Chungs arranged clinics and hosted the medical volunteer team in their lovely home, providing meals and transportation to the often remote clinics.

Steve’s generosity, honesty and commitment to being of service to others made him a truly remarkable man, and one who will be greatly missed.

Volunteer Spotlight – September 2011
Sharon Steele, MD

When Sharon joined MIA on our November 2008 mission our pediatric clinic was born. She has since been on every November mission spearheading our clinic program for children.  She is frequently found surrounded by children clamouring for a photo or a hug. Equally loved by mothers and co-volunteers, she has an amazing way of making all of her patients feel heard and helped even when we do not have a lot to offer them.

The important work that she does provides many children with healthcare they would not otherwise receive. Sharon is a partner at Gwinnett Pediatrics with several offices in the Atlanta area.  She enjoys Medical outreach including medical mission trips, foreign adoption, travel, golf, and spending time with family.

Volunteer Spotlight July 2011
Ann Leber, M.F.T. 

 Ann Leber with friends from Whitfield All Age School in Kingston Nov, 2010 We are obviously not the only ones that love Ann. She is frequently found surrounded by children clamouring for a photo or a hug. Ann is an amazing asset to our missions to Jamaica and Haiti.  She is the only mental health professional that many of our patients will ever have an opportunity to see.  

Their need is great and has been growing especially since the violent riots in Kingston last spring in the same neighborhood pictured above.  Many of these children witnessed horribly traumatic incidents during that time and welcomed an opportunity to talk to Ann about their experiences.

Ann has been volunteering for MIA since 2007 and has participated in seven of our missions to Jamaica and Haiti.  She was on our original recon mission to Haiti and spent many hours entertaining young amputees in the hospital there.  

The next trip to Haiti found her counseling adults with PTSD at Grace Tent City near Port au Prince.   Ann is willing to do whatever needs to be done, from packing suitcases to providing professional counseling services to those in need.  Her tireless dedication to service as well as to fundraising is unparalleled. Thank you Ann! No one else could do what you do!








Volunteer – March 2011 Chimene Liburd, MD

Chimene Liburd, MD Jamaica Feb 2011 Chimene, a long time volunteer for MIA met Karolynn Echols when they were students at Cornell.  She has recently been named to the MIA Medical Board as the Clinic Director.  She has now contributed her time on three missions to Jamaica and her specialization in Internal Medicine has been a great asset in the clinic. The mother of three owns a private practice in the Baltimore, MD area and somehow still finds time to design jewelry for her website, www.twentypearlsandgems.com. She has even designed some MIA logo jewlery. We are grateful for Chimene and the amazing asset she is to the MIA family.







Volunteer Spotlight – December 2010
June and Stephen Chung

June Chung and Karolynn Echols, MD. photo by Anne L. Galante, MD

June and Stephen Chung have been MIA’s generous hosts in the Port Maria region for several years.  They not only offer their lovely home to house the medical team, but they  provide fabulous meals, transportation, organizational support as well as unflagging cheerfulness and gracious hospitality.

June and Stephen have been friends of the Chong family for many years, and have always shared their commitment to community service and supported their Port Maria neighbors in many ways.

Trusty, Nyarai Mushonga, MD, Stephen Chung