Where We Work

Where We Work

Medicine in Action has done medical missions in both Tanzania and Jamaica. Both are countries that have many serious health care concerns.

Tanzania is a beautiful country, home to the Serengeti, Zanzibar and Kilimanjaro. Unfortunately, however, Tanzania is also a country of extreme poverty. Citizens of Tanzania, live in a medical climate plagued by a constant dearth of resources. Access to hospitals and/or services may sometimes require travel by foot for hours.

Jamaica is well known throughout the Caribbean for its beauty and for its tropical serenity. As a tourist location, its beaches and landscape offer vast visual pleasure. Violence, however, creates a strong undercurrent and is unfortunately, a common way of life for adults and for children alike.

Click these hyperlinks for more information on our past medical missions, and future medical missions, or to learn more about the needs in Jamaica and Tanzania.

In the future, Medicine in Action hopes to add more missions to more countries that are in need.