In the News – Update on Haiti

March 2011 

Since a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, there has been very little relief for the people. In 2010, MIA reached out and offered assistance to many of those still recovering. One year later, the work is only beginning as millions in Haiti remain in need of food, clean water and shelter. Crime and disease in the tent cities create fear, and with little to no faith in their government to help them, many have turned their hopes to the aid organizations that are reaching out to help meet their basic needs.MIA remains committed and hopes to continue its work in Haiti this year. Future goals include continuing to foster relationships with local hospital and healthcare workers and expanding our mission to include areas outside of Port Au Prince.

MIA, along with its partner organization Stepping Together, completed three missions to Haiti in 2010.  The first mission was largely reconnaissance, partnering with Doctor’s Tee Time.  MIA gathered information about where our services could be most beneficial to the Haitians in need.  We treated patients at Haiti Community Hospital and paid the fees for their hospital services.

On the second trip, we became acquainted with Grace Village which is in the Carrfoure area of Port Au Prince.  This is a developing city of 20K Haitians living on the 4-acre compound of Grace International Ministries.

This Village would be the focus of our third trip in November 2010.  We worked and lived on site, providing OBGYN care, some  primary care, health education and mental health support.

Our focus for OBGYN will be developing an ongoing OB clinic as there is a great need for prenatal services.   Local physicians also provided primary care and pediatric services.